Virtual Instruction

Date: 4-5-2021

Dear Marion Families,

Marion Public Schools will be transitioning to remote learning for grades 7-12 due to the number of students and staff in quarantine.  Marion Public Schools takes pride in providing a safe learning environment for all of our students.  However, our current situation does not allow us to continue face-to-face instruction for grades 7-12 at this time. Grades K-6 will continue to receive face-to-face instruction.  

 Students in grades 7-12 will not be in school starting April 6.  We will return to face-to-face learning on 4-20-2021.  We understand this is a difficult time for families, and we are here to assist with the transition. 

If your child in grades 7-12 would like to receive meals during the period of time we are doing virtual instruction, please contact the high school office at 231-743-2836.

The expectation is for students in grades 7-12 to begin 4-8-2021 on the remote learning platform. 

Students in grades K-6 will continue to come to school. Bus times will be altered due to the fact that students in grades 7-12 will not be riding. Busses will arrive later than normal in the mornings and will drop students off earlier than normal after school. We appreciate your flexibility in these difficult times. 


Steve Brimmer