Friday Night Lights

On Friday, May 1, 2020, students, families, and community members lined the streets of Marion to honor the Senior Class of 2020. Led by a full brigade of police and first responders with lights and sirens, the seniors drove up Main St. and through town to the Marion High School football field. As they drove the route, families held up congratulatory posters and honked their horns in support. Upon reaching the high school, each senior parked by a personalized road sign purchased by MPACT that they were able to take home with them. The lights and score board started at 8:20 pm (20:20) and ran for 20 minutes and 20 seconds. In the last minute, Mrs. Danyel Prielipp shared some words of encouragement. “Seniors, look around you,” she said, “all this support is for you.” The victory bell rang 20 times as the clock finished. Car horns and cheers accompanied the buzzer. The great attendance at the event is proof that our community is Marion Strong! Thank you to all who attended to safely honor the Class of 2020.